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The common one of Ostuni (approximately 33.000 inhabitants) rises on the last ones propaggini of the southern Murgia. Its old city, said the Earth, is unmistakable blinding monochromium plates coloration of inhabited its, rigorously of white man.The tinteggiate lime houses and the peculiar topography have made to deserve epite you fiabeschi, like City White woman, Queen of the Ulivi, City Manger, Ostuni are a fascinating tangle of narrow and tortuose narrow lanes, to ollow itself of courts, piazzette and alleys that a time made head to five doors that opened in the town-walls building, fortified of towers, piombatoi and bartizans. The only true road that catches up the apex of the “cone” and that it divides the historical center in two parts is via Cathedral, while all the others that intersect it are blind alleys or tight and steep perrons. Here cubicolari rooms are found, often dug in the cliff, joined from it arches and it semiarches that they act as from contrafforti and from support; like pure palaces that, for the gentilizi coats of arms, the portali and the variety of the architectonic lines, with ocher spots golden ombreggiano the blinding flare of the white man maze, On the top of the hill, finally, erge the Cathedral, mirabile synthesis of Romanesque, gotici and veneziani elements, that it dominates the Flat one of the secular ulivi until to the sea. Along the seventeen kilometers of coast of the territory of ostuni, in a wonderful game of colors, snodano long spiagge with covered dunes Mediterranean spot and to alternate itself of calette sabbiose and full of rocks coast. the shoreline of ostuni today represents one delle locality of greater bathing tourist attraction della Puglia. the receptive structures presents, between villages, you camp, residences, apartments for vacations, introduce a tipologia of offer of most complete, able than to satisfy the most varied requirements of the tourists

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