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grottaglieThe name “Grottaglie” recalls ere historical farthest, already making to foresee an ancient origin as well as how much dark one and deprives of one scientifically reliable dating. “Grottaglie” (in dialetto local “Vurtagghj”) derives in fact from the Latin “Cryptae-Aliae” (= many to Them, various coves, second the diffused interpretation more), in reference to the numerous rupestri takeovers that are is ollowed in this zone. The abundantly present gravine and coves in the grottagliese territory offered a sure shelter to the first inhabitants of the place, acting as from barrier of natural protection. Sure it is in this geomorfologica peculiarity of the grottagliese territory that goes searched the origin of the human takeovers, than are you since ollow in the zone the Paleolitico period, as they demonstrate some archaeological discoveries in the localities of Buccito, Coluccio, Lonoce. Traces of the millenarian insediativa activity in these natural cavities are found in the peculiar inhabited morphologic constitution of the ancient one: still today in numerous botteghe obtained in the coves (in the historical center and the famous Quarter of the Ceramics) the activity of the craftsmen is carried out incessantly figulini, an activity who by now give to centuries alloy the name of this citizen to the traditional art of the ceramics.

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