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The Campaign

The nature, with its plants, animals and bugs therefore of new has taken its magical windward: between the secular ulivi there are many birds rapaci, are returned to shine the lucciole and, in spring and summer, the scent of the wild grass is particularly intense that encircles the paths in order to catch up the top of hills.

This is an angle of rich world of a simple and deep fascination. The distances are short, the changing landscapes and all it is to dimension of man. Uliveti and vineyards with many walls to dry and the walls whitewashes of the houses design these serene and solar campaigns. E’ the magic of the Murgia of the Trulli and the Coves. Cisternino, Fasano, Locorotondo, Frank Martina, Alberobello, Castellana Coves, Polignano, Monopolies, are the centers more meant you of the zone. These countries, although are near, are all much various between they. What there is from seeing ve the guides say it. Not lacked but to stop to you on the dimensions of the architectures: the houses white women of Ostuni, the trulli, the palazzotti rococò of Frank Martina. Their fascination is same of the giocattoli and the miniature and the capture the fantasy. And then to take a walk in these tidy campaigns like garden, also outside season, even of winter, allows to discover as the fields are always an uninterrupted alternation of closings. To wander between the secular ulivi, to visit the many masserie, that poor why rich places of job or why nobiliari dwellings, are the system in order to comprise what want to say “to dimension of man” and beauty of the equilibrium and the semplicità. It is not a case that these places have been prechosen from many for long vacations or the yearned for escapes from the cities, attracts the good living to you, from the good food and the hospitality of people of these contrade.

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