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From the hill in down, there is long only an extended one of ulivi that ignite of silver glares the sour ostunese, in strongcontrast with the sky of an intense blue that goes to vanish itself in the sea. The coast extends for twenty kilometers approximately in ollowing itself of bays between frastagliate reefs with a backstage of green Mediterranean spot. The visitors therefore will be able to choose between tantissime spiagge the white woman the most fine sand or the reef, have using of of one of I found them between more variega you of the zone. The first end of coast, avvicinadosi to Ostuni from the direction North, is constituted from with of covered fossil dunes from the green Mediterranean spot. In this zone, Green Forest, Lido Morelli, and the Pylon that is one locality completely dipped in the green with one long sabbiosa coast, supervised from the tore of Saint Leonardo of XVI the century are found spiagge like Lido. Following this distance, Marine Rose is met then evocative village of white women villette scattered on an immensest territory between more excluded you of the coast. To the inside, the residents can find all to you the comfort adapted in order to pass to you one truly relaxant vacation. Little after, one finds Hillocks, a calm atmosphere wraps the village to ridosso of the blue coast that conserve some ruderi of the age of the bronze and Marine Diana, small village still under construction. Villanova is the center, at least for position, of the ostunese coast. Anciently called Petrolla, it is a locality of remarkable historical importance thanks above all to the presence of the local port, in which a low castle fortilizio of XVI the century resides you, that it has been valid point of landing place for floating fishermen and from diporto. From it goes to you runs aground them of the first feature of coast, is passed to the insenature of Gorgognolo, but above all of Coast Merlata, that it exactly takes name from the shape of the reef, and Lucia Saint, continuing then towards Pozzella Tower, constituted from small bays dominated from one tower of lookout-post of XVI the century. The last border of coast, of rare beauty, comprises a cloud of spiagge, between which the more important it is Lamaforca. Here you the “Valtur” resides an important tourist village of international reputation which.

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