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E’ a common one of 10.930 inhabitants in Barium province. Celebre for its characteristic rooms, calls trulli, declares patrimony to you of the humanity of the Unesco in 1996. The history of these particular buildings much is tied to a editto of the Reign of Naples that in XV the century subjected to one pays every new city takeover. The accounts of Coversano,owners of the territory on which Alberobello rises today, then imposed the peasants send to you in these lands to build up to dry, without use it of malta, their rooms, so that they could shape like constructions predecay, of easy demolition. Having therefore to only use stones, the peasants found in the round shape with cupola roof, composed of overlapped circles of stones, the simpler and solid configuration. The cupola roofs of the trulli are embellished with pinnacoli decorated to you, the whose shape is inspired to symbolic elements, mystical and religious ones. They were realize to you from the maestranza assumed for the construction of the trullo and of it they identified the craftsman. Based on the quality of the invoice of the pinnacolo the handicraft skill of the constructor could therefore be identified not only, but also the value of the construction. A greater expense in the construction of the trullo allowed to characterize therefore, the well-to-do families from those less facoltose ones. As far as the symbols painted over the roofs of the trulli often they assume religious meaning; sometimes they can represent signs of the zodiaco. Pinnacolo and painted symbol entirety formed rising of civic identificativo, in how much for along Alberobello time have seen to deny an official acknowledgment from part of the accounts of Conversano. Trullo the more high of the country is called Sovereign Trullo. Fact to construct from the Perta family in the half of the 1700’s, this building to two plans is used after museum and is possible to visit of the inside, furnished according to the taste of age, reconstructed through the testimonies of the oldest alberobellesi inhabitants. During the summery period, the Sovereign Trullo accommodates manifestations which teatrali shows, concerts of small orchestras or Jazz formations, evenings of culture and poetry.

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