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BARI29The city of Monopolies (mt. 9 s.l.m., ab. 48,000) are situated in the Puglia region in Barium province, and Km extends in order nearly 160 square. The city is dominated from the Murge that catches up approximately 300 mt. of height. Sin from year 1000, Monopolies was episcopal center, and came dominated from the Spanish and from the veneziani that, taking advantage of its position, carried, the city, to the floridezza trades them. For its strategic position, in period bizantino and normanno, it has had to endure numerous attacks from part of pirati, stops to you in the course of the Middle Ages, when the city came ripopolata. Its name derives from the Greek “Monos-polis”, that it wants to say only city, singular. After to have endured the domination from part of various populations, in 1545, under the Spanish government, the city magnified its wall of town-walls and came equipped of a Castle, intentional from Carl V. In the city there is a main port and various bathing localities; the surrounding campaign is rich of green and is dominated from the Mediterranean spot. You mainly trees from fruit, ulivi and almonds tree cultivate themselves. The female saint of the city is Maria SS. of the Madia that comes subsequently celebrated from 13 to 16 August and 16 December

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