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martinafrancaMartina Franca is a common one of 49.095 inhabitants of the province of Taranto. Elegant citizen situated to 431 m. of height on the sea level, carefullied lay down on one of last southern hills of the Southeastern Murgia, Martina Franca dominates the charming one Goes them of Itria, splendid extended green being white of trulli. The greater attraction of the city is without doubt constituted from the characteristic historical center, splendid example of baroque art, than with its the signorili narrow lanes, its white men alleys, palaces and the majestic and monumental churches.Beyond to a rich landscape punctuated from the ancient ones “casedde”, the famous ones trulli, and from the typical constructions of the masserie, precious testimonies of industrial archaeology, Martina Franca enjoy an immense ingemmato carsico territory from evocative coves. From its strategic position, the jonica city gives of the visitors evocative a panoramic one on the localities limitrofe, afterlife di.le which spreads the province of Brindisi and Bari and, still beyond, the Adriatic Sea. Martina Franca, moreover, offers the wonderful possibility to make to space just the look also back boschive areas, represented from the charming Forest of the Pianelle, and towards greens landscapes, to south, she studs from the immense cultivations of lives, proposing small oases to you of peace and vacationing tranquillities for and mainly for those who love the farm holidays. The city is also an important industrial center point of reference, to national level, of the comparto weaves them apparel. Other pulling ahead fields of the martinese economy are without doubt those of the agricultural and food- one and of the breeding, thanks to the presence on the territory of a precious zootecnico patrimony, recognized in Italy and to the foreign country, whose exemplary more important are represent to you from the famous Ass of Frank Martina and from the Murgese Horse. Frank Martina is therefore a tourist goal a lot ambita, not only for its rich one and precious architectonic, historical artistic patrimony but also for its cultural vivacità, that she finds principle expression in by now celebre and attended Festival of Goes them of Itria.

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