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fasanoIt puts into effect them City of Fasano derives from the Country house of S.Maria de Fajano, under construction in 1088 to work of the populations that had abandoned the ruins of Egnazia.. Last of the messapiche cities to the borders with the Japiga, Egnazia becomes in the roman period one of the more important stages of the way Appia – Traiana that finished to Is drunk a toast. Rich city thanks also to its port, comes cited from Strabone and Orazio. With the fall of the roman empire the inexorable end of the city begins, comes gradually abandoned from the inhabitants and plundered from several the invaders that succeed themselves on the roads of Puglia. The populations gradually leave the takeovers on the coast and, above all for emergency reasons, they begin to insediarsi in the rupestri villages and constructing country houses. E’ exactly one of these, S. Maria de Fajano, that it will become odierna the Fasano. Covered the fasanesi hills a Mediterranean spot and time lecci, today are a garden with villas and antichi trulli. Vines, geometries of walls to dry and the fiabeschi cones of the trulli, characterize the landscape of Laureto and the Channel of Pirro. The sea: the reef of studded Savelletri of small calette with sand fine and transparent water and the longest one run aground them of Tower Canes. The coast offers a still intact natural atmosphere. The two great bathing fractions of Savelletri and Torre Canes, leaving wide features of absolutely free coast.


The sea

To Savelletri, the ulivi nearly lambiscono the sea and the reef extension its beauty with succeeding itself of calette with sand fine and transparent water. To Tower Canes it is possible to enjoy the longest one runs aground them with, to ridosso of great dunes, the typical atmosphere of the Mediterranean spot and the humid zones. Modern structures are ready to receive the hosts: from the Lydians it equips you to the beautifulst field from golf, from the large ones lodges to the terme. The lovers of the good kitchen will be able to satisfy in the many and optimal restaurants spacing from the sapore of the more valuable fish to the simple taste of the open curly and taste to you directly on the sea

Attractions: Zoo Safari

sevelletriIs the largest zoosafari in Italy, 140 hectares of faunistico park and divertimenti. In an atmosphere absolutely protect 1700 animals, of beyond 200 species, is made to admire in full freedom. In the last years the park has been upgraded also divertimenti with new and exciting attractions for all the ages. To the Theatre of the Animals one of the shows more exciting is with the dolphins and the otarie; to the Fantasy Theatre attractions and shows they space from the magic to performances of artists the international circensi. From the Great Lago of the Mammals, to the Monkey Village, from It knows it Tropical, to the giostre, the games and to the ginnico distance one proposed completes with the classic restaurant “the Crocodile” the bars-fast food, the self-service “Safari”, the shopping in the mercatino of souvenirs and the offer of typical products.

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